Time out

I’m not a fan of time outs. They aren’t something used in our household, unless you count “calm down time” or “breaks”, which even I take these days– and usually more frequently more often than Kat. Time outs are often used incorrectly. Time out is meant to be a break from positive reinforcement. It isn’t a length of time, it isn’t about shaming a child into submission. But I digress.

I’m taking a time out this morning. I’m going to force myself to get out out of my head, at least a little bit. I’m going to put down my ipad, my book, my phone. I’m going to play my little pony, color, follow Kat’s lead. I’m not going to worry about things for a while. I’m taking a time out from my big girl, grown up life. I’m giving myself permission to act like the kid I never really got to be.


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