Texting with mom

I’m feeling really happy tonight. My mom and I had an hour long texting conversation, during which she told me she really missed Christmas shopping with me. Christmas Shopping used to be a special thing we did together. After the Kat was born, it was something we stopped doing. I suggested her and I could meet one day without Kat, and do some shopping. In the past, she has always turned this down, as she wants to see Kat, and if she is driving to meet me, she wants it to be “worth” the drive. Today, she agreed. I was shocked, and filled with joy. I feel like I belong to my Mom again, in a weird way, but also like I am more my own person than I have ever been before and that she is really seeing me for the first time. Perhaps things really are changing.

3 thoughts on “Texting with mom

    • Thank you. I don’t know where it will go, but even if this is as much as we end up with, it’s more real than I thought we would have a few months ago. I guess things do keep changing, and you never know. 🙂


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