Alice in Wonderland

I love Alice in Wonderland. I love all fairy tales, actually, but Alice is one I have kind of adopted for myself. I told Hubby early on in therapy after I had disclosed to him that I felt as though I had fallen down the rabbit hole. He bought me a necklace of Alice falling after the rabbit, and told me it was to remind me to stay out of the rabbit hole, and also, that if I did fall down one, I was never alone. (My necklace looks just like this one, except I have the silver version instead of gold.)


Not too long after that, he moved my swing from the deck into our office, because it had gotten too cold for me to hide out on the swing outdoors. He covered the swing with sheets– effectively building a blanket fort– and added Alice and the Mad Hatter to the swing to keep me company when I was down the rabbit hole.




Recently, I have cut way back on coffee and switched to decaf tea. My daughter and I have also been into tea parties and decorating mini tea pots to make them fancy. Hubby gave me my Valentine’s Day gift early this year; an Alice in Wonderland personal sized teapot. He told me it was for when I drink tea to relax, not for the tea parties I throw for Kat.






7 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland

  1. I feel really moved by it all. I think it is great you are off the caffeine. Made a big difference for me. Your husband seems so thoughtful and really supportive of your process and needs. Mine is also. His love made it safe for me to go on this deep painful journey. IT has brought amazing gifts to our marriage and relationships. Glad you don’t feel alone in the pain and confusion.

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    • Bea and I have talked about how it wasn’t until now, because of Hubby, that I have been able to feel safe telling the truth of my past. I’m so glad your husband made it safe for you to do this work. xx


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