Email sent

Well. I did it. I send Bea an email, stating I was worried about the lack of response to Thursday’s email. Now it’s more waiting, and more anxiety. Ugh.


24 thoughts on “Email sent

  1. I’m so glad that you emailed and heard back from Bea. I’ve been known to send emails saying, “it’s probably all just in my mind, but am I in trouble for something?”

    Once she had been a bit annoyed because I had been a few minutes late and she was feeling pressure already from 60 minutes not being enough and other times she’s been tired and off or distracted, but I’ve never been “in trouble” in the way that I’m thinking.

    I suspect that you will find the same to be true with Bea.


    • Oh, thank you for getting this. I often wonder how I can be an adult and so worried about “being in trouble”. Ugh. But yes, I think I know deep down Bea never is mad like that– I just can’t yet hold that idea completely. Maybe one day I won’t need her to reassure me. I hope you have been okay– I haven’t seen you posting much. Xx


      • You are an adult, but some parts of you got stuck at younger traumatized stages. My therapist is very interested in Internal Family Systems as a model for working with both trauma and non trauma clients. She says that basically everyone has parts, it’s just that those of us who used dissociation to survive trauma have them in much more elaborated/ separate forms from everyone else. So anyone who has abandonment issues might have a young part that needs extra reassurance. Right now you need it from Bea, but as you said, eventually you may be able to give it to yourself. I’m betting that you will be able to sooner than you would expect.

        Things have been very, very challenging. I’ve also had a hard time writing. Thanks for asking. I did manage to do a post today, though.


      • Bea uses IFS, too.😊 (Bug surprise, huh?) I think it’s a good model and is helpful. And it is usually the little girl part that needs reassurance. She’s just too strong for my adult to calm down on my own.
        I’m sorry things have been hard. I glad you got a post up, I’ll go read it in a bit. I hope you are being nice to yourself, giving yourself a break, using art or whatever else to ground and self soothe. Hugs if you want them. Xx

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  2. I agree – so glad you emailed to get the reassurance you needed. Sometimes we can’t get there on our own; if we could, we wouldn’t need them!


      • Exactly. She certainly does get it, and it sounds like she has no problem reminding you that sometimes life just gets in the way of her responding as promptly as she would like. But it has nothing to do with how much she cares for you!


    • Thanks sweetie. I’m feeling better that she emailed me back, but of course there is still just anxiety about her knowimg how her not responding effected me. Ugh. Stupid attchment and trust issues.


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