Do you believe in magic? In fate? In things meant to be? I do. Sometimes.

This past weekend, a family member — my mom’s cousin– brought a dog with him to the reunion. He was planning on taking the dog to a friend, to find a home for this dog. My mom’s cousin breeds and shows dogs, so he always has a lot of dogs, and sometimes has older dogs or puppies who need homes.

Kat– who does not like dogs– fell in love with this dog. She said she thought he was pretty and liked his eyelashes and hair. I ended up holding and cuddling this dog most of the night on Friday, and by the time people were heading out to their hotels, mom’s cousin had told me the dog was mine if I wanted him.

I really didn’t need another dog. We already have two dogs and a cat. But he was so sweet, and he just wanted to be held and snuggled and I felt so calm around him. I wanted him. I fell in love, too.

He stayed with me all weekend, and came home with us on Sunday. He hasn’t left my side since Friday evening when I first held him. He’s snuggled me after my nightmares, sat with me through a panic attack over all the upcoming schedule changes and busy calendar we have the next two months. He let me hold him and cry into his fur last night. And he laid with me all day yesterday while I waited for my migraine medications to kick in. He loves to walk, so he has gotten me out of the house and outside. He is potty trained, so there was no stress about that, and he is so calm and accepting he has melted right into life with my other two dogs easily.

He is magical, this dog. It’s like he was meant to be mine. Hubby has referred to him as my PTSD dog. Bea allowed me to bring him to Monday’s session, and called him a great therapy dog and very grounding for me; she says I can bring him anytime.

Everyone, meet Hagrid. (He already had the name. He is named after the half giant in the Harry Potter stories, who looks out for Harry. Which is perfect, because I love Harry Potter, and Hagrid was one of my favorite characters).



16 thoughts on “Magic

  1. My friend has a dog like that, that calms and is so intuitive. Apparently in the states they recognise those as service dogs. Anyway, definitely sounds meant to be xx


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