Birthday week anger

After the camping trip, we celebrated Kat’s 5th birthday on Friday evening. I made her chocolate decadence cake, with a meringue vanilla custard flavored frosting. It was rich and perfect with editable pixie dust. We took her out to dinner and then to chuckee cheese, per her request. And today, we had a funday with her best friend; the mall for build a bear and the play place, a picnic lunch, then the movies, and last the zoo. Tomorrow will be our last bday celebration, with Hubby’s family. I’m tired. As much as I love planning and doing birthday parties, and birthday weeks, it’s tiring.

It was so important to me that this week be special. Kat wanted a big party this year, like she has had every year. She wanted the theme to be mermaids and fairies. I had great ideas, and really wanted to do it. But the child that hurt Kat took all our friends, except her best friend. How do you throw a big party when all the friends aren’t your friend anymore? The short answer is you don’t. You can’t.

So, I planned a super fun birthday week. We had a camping party with my parents and her cousins (my brother’s kids). We went to the amusement park two days in a row. We went to dinner at the place Kat chose, and chuckee cheese. She had a busy fun day with her favorite friend, and tomorrow she will celebrate with hubby’s family at county fair with rides and clowns and all kinds of fun stuff. I wanted the week to be so awesome, so fun, that she did not even realize she didn’t have a big party.

Tonight, though, as I was talking to hubby about the week, I felt so angry. I know she’s a child, but why does she get to have all the friends we shared? Why does she get to go where she pleases with no worries, while we have left parks and stores because we see that she is there? Kat was hurt by this girl, and Kat is still the one who is being hurt in someways. It’s not fair. It’s not right. The child who hurt Kat should be the one to leave places. She should be the one to have no friends. Kat did nothing wrong, and it’s like she is still being punished. I hate the entire situation. None of it is fair.

16 thoughts on “Birthday week anger

  1. Sirena says:

    No that isn’t fair. I’m not sure I know what happened or why all the other friends can’t still be friends with both girls? I think you gave Kat a really amazing birthday though! And she had one of her little friends there and that would have been exciting for her and enough. Kids tend to be more in the moment than us and she probably didn’t lend much thought to those other girls.


    • I did write a post about what happened, but it is password protected. Just email me if you want the password. (

      Thank you for saying Kat had a good bday, and for the reminder kids live in the moment. You are so right.


      • Oh, she cant be friends with the other children because that child’s mom told all the moms in our circle how mean i was and how i turned afainst her, over reacted, ext. I did not even think of dragging other moms into it….ugh. ๐Ÿ˜•


  2. Your daughter was lavished with love and fun. She didn’t miss out, or it sure doesn’t sound so. Is it possible this is more about HIM. (I hate to use the name Kenny as it sounds so innocent and normal) He should pay for his crimes. The monstrous tactics he used were diabolical, premeditated, treacherous and twisted.


  3. I’m glad Kat had such a lovely birthday week, but you are so right that she shouldn’t be the one who continues to suffer after whatever it was that the girl did to your daughter. It doesn’t seem fair at all that she should be the one to lose out on so much.


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