I’m just a kid pretending to be a grown up…….

Today is my daughters IEP meeting. Hubby has to work, and I feel like he isn’t really interested in  helping anyway– although he will be the first to point out all the things he does not like.  I have our BCBA going with us, and she is smart, well spoken, confident and strong. I feel very supported by her, and Bea is waiting to hear afterwards how it went, so I feel Bea’s support, too. The thing is, this is a big deal, and I’m feeling like a child playing at being a grown up. Keep your fingers crossed for me and Kat today, please? Because it is Kat’s life, I’ll ask for and take all the support I can get. 

5 thoughts on “I’m just a kid pretending to be a grown up…….

  1. pattyspathtohealing says:

    The whole IEP thing is nerve-wracking. I have to go through the process for my three children and it gives me huge headaches and stomachaches.

    Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

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