Choppy therapy……

Therapy on Monday was random and choppy. I’m having a difficult time recalling much of anything discussed. We didn’t go very deep into anything. I talked about Halloween Weekend, I talked about my Mom, and Bea asked me if the weekend got better after Kat and I left on Thursday. 

“So you and Kat took a walk and had a snack and lunch after leaving here. You were really upset before going to get Kat, and after it felt like you were dissociated and upset at the same time. Did getting out and walking help?” Bea asks. She’s sort of curled up in her chair today, comfortable. Bea is always comfortable and approachable. I love that about her. 

I shrug. I felt like I was in survival mode; just get through one thing to move onto the next until I could hide in bed. “Not so much. It was just….fine. I was fine.” 

“Did you and hubby get a chance to talk?” She pushes a little. 

“Nope. He didn’t talk to me.” I tell her.

“You were feeling very upset about the relationship on Thursday, as if he didn’t care about you anymore. I believe your exact words were ‘he hates me’.” She’s not going to let this go. Why does she always push me when it comes to my marriage! 

I did say on Thursday that hubby hates me. It was the end of the session, and I told her how he had yelled at me over the alarm clock. And how angry he was. How he hates me for screwing everything up. And then I sort of freaked out and listed all the ways in which I was going to screw things up that day. 

I finally say, “Yes, I feel like that. But we did not talk. And what difference does it make? He is just going to say whatever to appease me, and then turn around and do something different. It doesn’t matter. He never does what he says. He does what makes the person around him happy.” I’m curled up, alternating between feeling so far away everything is fuzzy and I feel floaty, to be much more present, yet removed and numb from the conversation.

Bea tries to convince me that I should bring him to therapy for some couples sessions. I honestly want nothing to do with that, and I turn a little snarky. 

“Why? So he can sit here and smile and nod and go along with what you are telling him? He’ll agree with you, no problem. He will act and say he can follow through. But then he won’t because it will be too hard. He needs to figure out his own shit first.” 

We say good bye not long after that. I leave feeling disconnected. I know Bea is there, and a part of me believes she isn’t going anywhere, so it is better than it has been in the past. But it sucks to end a session like this. 

11 thoughts on “Choppy therapy……

  1. I can definitely relate. I feel so disappointed when I leave feeling like my therapist and I have missed each other. I hope you two can reconnect again. It sounds like you know she’s still there and not going anywhere. I’m sure it still sucks in the meantime. Hang in there!


  2. I can relate to the choppy feeling, not going into anything too much. It does suck because you want that feeling of connection, and it goes missing sometimes.

    BTW I didn’t take your comment about your husband as snarky – more like realistic. You have observed him for a long time after all. I agree that sometimes, couples therapy is not helpful, when people really need to do their own healing work first. My T said something like this once, anyway. It sounds like your hubs would need to confront his own tendency to avoid, in his own therapy, perhaps.


  3. Sessions like this are really tough – I’m sending support to you. I think you did a good job of staying with your feelings, especially around your husband. Sometimes I think sessions feel one way, because of how we feel inside, and really we did gain some benefit or it was a stepping stone en route to a deeper awareness of something. It does suck to leave a session feeling like that, and I hope Thursday’s feels much better.


  4. Sirena says:

    I hate dissatisfying sessions. It sets me up for a worse week when I leave feeling like that. Hopefull today will be better for you. x


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