Parts chart revised 

I spend a good portion of the day on Tuesday working on editing, on rearranging, adding to the chart Bea gave me. I end up more confused than I was before. I don’t want to think about parts. I want to send the revised chart to Bea, but something holds me back. I don’t know that I want to publicly acknowledge parts other than the teen and the little girl. The teen and little girl don’t feel okay, and I’m constantly embarrassed by them, but they are familiar and it’s safe to talk about them now. The rest….I’m not so sure. 

This is the chart I came up with.

15 thoughts on “Parts chart revised 

  1. I think that this is great, Alice. I can understand why it would feel weird to put it all down, but I think that in the long run it can really help you and help Bea help you. Good job!


    • Thank you. I haven’t shared it with Bea yet. Things just feel off with her. Well, with me. But it’s making things off with everyone else in my life. Thank you for saying good job. Xx


    • I don’t know where she got it. If you want the original, without my additions, send me an email and I’ll send you the PDF. I think you could organize yourself, and I believe you have an adult part, even if you can’t find her right now. She’s not gone. The other parts have just pushed her to the side for the moment. Cx


  2. I love this! I am going to go through it more thoroughly when I have more time, but for now wanted to tell you that this is such fantastic work. And I appreciate you sharing it with all of us.


      • I feel embarrassed often, too. We are grown women, right?! (on good days 🙂 ). And parts and angry teenagers and sad children.. it is a little bizarre feeling, out of context. But within the trauma context, that helps ease it a little. I hope the embarrassment lessens for you, I know it has for me since my therapist started talking modes and parts.


      • It is bizarre feeling. When I’m able to think about it in the trauma context, and why and how it happened, in a rational, logical way, it makes sense. It’s the feelings that get in the way.

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