Facebook group 

First of all, let me just say I am not good at technology, but I’m learning. 🙂  I had this idea that creating a facebook group where we could chat and post privately might be nice. Anyone who wanted to join could, but it would be a place where everyone is supported, and safe. Maybe it’s a silly idea, I don’t know, but lately when I read people’s blog posts it feels like so many of us are making big changes, healthy changes, really starting to take care of ourselves, and I wanted us to have a place for extra support, accountability, whatever you are needing at the moment.
I created it as a secret group, so only members can even see that the group exists. It’s called “bloggy friend coffee hour” and hopefully that link below works. To be honest, I am not sure if  you can use the link and request access to the group or if I have to invite you.

Oh, and if anyone wants this or maybe you need it to request access to the group, my facebook for my blog is Alice Lee. Hubby just helped me set up a separate one from the one I use for family and close friends so there’s really nothing on it right now. 


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