Coping skills and resources  

⭐️Yoga. ⭐️Play with Kat.

💫If pretend play or dolls is too triggering, play a game — Uno, mouse trap, ext

💫Scavenger hunt 

💫Read a book with her 

⭐️Color a picture. 


⭐️Read a book. 


⭐️Do something crafty 

⭐️Watch one of my favorite funny/happy movies or tv shows 

💫While you were sleeping

💫Sweet home Alabama 

💫How to lose a guy in 10 days 

💫Legally blonde  

💫Gilmore Girls


💫Grey’s anatomy /private practice 

⭐️Put on my playlist of happy/healing songs and sing 

⭐️Clean or organize said something  

⭐️Walk Hagrid. 

⭐️Write in my journal 

⭐️Go for a swim. 

⭐️Take a nice hot bath. 

⭐️call or text Kay or Rory 

⭐️email Bea 
CARES protocol

CARES Box – decorate & fill a box with items used in CARES protocol

 Set Timer 10-15 min for each activity


Communicate alternatively

 Journal, draw, collage, poetry, tape recorder to speak into, paint, sing, ext


Release Endorphins

Physical activity, hugging, laughter, watch funny YouTube videos or video of baby laughing, dance, go for a walk, ext


Self Soothe

Warm bath, singing, meditation, music, butterfly hug, tapping, self-talk, call a friend, hug a stuffed animal, ext