She’s back (or so she says)

Bea is back from vacation. It’s been 2 weeks. Two really long, really hard weeks. All I’ve wanted to do is talk to her, but now that she’s back and I have therapy in the morning, all I want to do is run the opposite direction. Why is everything so hard lately? I emailed her to say that the Little Girl was very afraid she wasn’t really back, that Bea wouldn’t be Bea tomorrow morning. Her response was kind and she assured me she is bs j and is really here and herself but it just felt off. So I responded, and her reply was short, to the point and very much not Bea-like. She says she is back but I don’t think I really believe her.

2 thoughts on “She’s back (or so she says)

  1. slantgirl says:

    Ooh, I know these fears and feelings well! Good luck tomorrow – I’m sure you’ll attune when you see each other. These feelings are valid and real!! They are also going to pass. ❤️


  2. I nodded my head the whole time while reading this. I so understand these feelings. When T is gone all I can wonder is when he’s coming back. Once he’s back, I freeze and can’t say anything. We always seem to make our way through it and I’m sure you and Bea will do the same. Good luck today!


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