The teenage part of me is out in full force today. I’ve been emailing with Bea for the better part of the day, about how snarky I feel and how scared the little girl is of the snarky teenager. Bea suggested that the teen part of me needs to know that she will accept her, that I maybe need to test her limits; that this is all about trust. So I gave in and sent her the snarky email I had sitting in my trash folder– my first response to her email (response to my Brave email) this morning. And now I’m terrified. I need support. So here I am. Eeeeek. 

14 thoughts on “Snarky….

  1. Thank you. I am freaking out. I am so afraid she will just give up on me after this. She said she would write back. She has said she won’t leave, and that she can’t imagine judging me. I’m trying to hang on to that.

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  2. I love this word and I’ve never known anyone but you that uses it. But I so feel this way a lot of the time. I remember one of the first posts I read of yours, I believe it was a teenage moment in the restaurant with your hubby. Snarky is okay and Bea will still be there for you. She is very patient.


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